Fundraising concert by the PRIMAVERA KÓRUS from Székesfehérvár

Saturday, March 2nd at 4 pm


Fundraising concert by the


PRIMAVERA KÓRUS from Székesfehérvár


For the benefit of the Association


« Idősek Barátai » (« the Friends of elederly persons »)

Choir director: HORÁNYI OTTILIA


Accompanist: SZARKA ANDREA



O. Pitoni (1651-1743): Boldog, aki énekel / Happy the one who sings


Passereau (1509-1553): Il est bel et bon / He is good looking and nice


Cl. Monteverdi (1567-1653): O primavera/ O Spring


Schubert (1797-1828): An die Sonne / For the sun


Mendelssohn (1809-1847): Der Psalm 42/ Psalm 42


Donizetti (1797-1848): Ave Maria (szopránszóló)


Schumann (1810-1856): A fogfájás dicsérete / Praise for toothache


Daróci Bárdos Tamás (1931-): Tűnődés / Reflection


Petrovics Emil (1930-2011): Játszik a szél / The game of the wind


Karai József (1927-2013): Csodálkozás / Delight


Szokolay Sándor (1931-2013): Ima rontás ellen / Prayer against curse


Kodály Zoltán (1882-1967): Sík Sándor Te Deuma / Te Deum de Sík Sándor


Daróci Bárdos Tamás: Farsangi vigasság / Carnival celebration



The concert is organized for the benefit of the „Idősek barátai” (Friends of elederly persons) program, of the Hungarian Foundation „Önkéntes Központ” whose development in Hungary is encouraged by the International Federation of the “Petits frères des pauvres”. This Federation promotes the commitment of its members and the mobilization of citizens against the social isolation of the elderly, especially those living in precarious conditions. It brings together and supports volunteer organizations that work for this cause in the world such as Idősek Barátai in Hungary, where over 700 000 elderly persons live alone. The initiatives and programs of Idősek Barátai help these persons to get out of their lonelyness and participate with others to various programs, such as excursions.

The concert will take place after the "Gastronomy Academy", organized for professionals and gourmets.

Informations and reservation: József Károlyi Foundation, Château Károlyi, 8052 Fehérvárcsurgó, Petőfi u. 2. Tél. 06 21 311 04 26, e-mail:; web: