"Think Democracy... Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" - International conference

Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary March 29th-30th 2019
Organized by the Joseph Károlyi Foundation, with the support of the Institut Français , the Istituto italiano di Cultura, the Embassy of Swizerland and of the Czech Republic,  the Österrreichisches Kulturforum Budapest, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung-Budapest, Fondation Robert Schuman Paris...
The conference will explore the various different interpretations of the concept of Democracy in  various countries in Europe over the centuries, often not well known by its neighbours (« yesterday »)
....and also examine their consequences in society today and in attitudes and behaviour, including that of political leaders and governments (question : what is « leadership » in democracy ?  )
...and also in education, school systems and history teaching, trying thus to analyse the (« new » ?) bases required to develop democratic behaviour among future adults (« tomorrow »)
Among the lectures :
Friday, March 29th 10 :00 – 17 :00
Csizmadia Ervin, Miskolc University:”„Can democracy be liberalized, can liberalism be democratized
Jan Slaviček, Historian, Academy of Sciences, Prag : "Copy what is not possible to copy : the limits of changing democratic political systems under foreign inspiration »
Matteo Gianni, University of Geneva: « Deliberative democracy»
Egedy Gergely,   NKE, Budapest: «The conservative view of democracy in Britain » 
Pócza Kalmán Pázmány University: « Democracy in a  globalized constitutional  environment »
Mauro Barberis, Univerity of Trieste : « After democracy. Institutions and varieties of populism »
Horkay Hörcher Ferenc, NKE, MTA, Budapest:”Past and future of urban and local democracy”
Pallinger Zoltán, Andrassy University, Budapest :” More participation, better democracy? Participation challenges in representative democracy”
Saturday, March 30th
10:00 – 13:00
Eric Debarbieux (Université du Val de Marne, Ecole supérieure de  professorat:“Violence and democracy in school: which connections?”
Lara  Möller  Demokratiezentrum, Wien « Subject oriented political education and democracy didactics in the context of a citizen’s consciousness »
Repárszky Ildikó, TTE, Budapest,  : « Stones in the history course or : how to teach democracy »
Final lunch