European Cultural Meeting Center


The Joseph Károlyi Foundation established by the Károlyi family in 1994, has turned the Fehérvárcsurgó stately home into a European Cultural Meeting Centre, part of the European network of „Cultural Centers located in Historical Monuments”, thereby ensuring the rehabilitation the and preservation of a major historical monument while putting it to use as the setting for a dynamical cultural project of public interest. Thus the project both justifies the restoration and ensure perpetuation of the activity.
The Joseph Károlyi Foundation hosts a European Documentation Centre based on the Ferenc Fejtő Library which was officially inaugurated on 9th October, 2003 by Mr Dominique de Combles de Nayves, French Ambassador to Hungary.
The Documentation centre as a field research centre, specialized in European history and international relations provides a special opportunity to various areas of study in history and political science as well as sociology and is an appropriate centre for the study of Central Europe.