Museumpedagogical programs

M a n s i o n ,  h e r i t a g e ,  h i s t o r y

Programmes for primary school pupils

A) "No ballpoint pen... no spiral notebook... no school bus..." - School history programme
In addition to learning about the old school and its teaching tools, the programme also includes a chance to try writing with a ballpoint pen.

B) Wearing in the 18th-19th centuries - Cultural history programme
What did the Hungarian nobility wear a hundred or two hundred years ago? Who were the "fashion icons"? How did Hungarian costume become fashionable in the residences of the nobility and what role did the Károlyi family play in this? Let's explore the fashion of the period, with the help of the paintings in the castle.

Programmes for upper secondary pupils

C) The Károlyi family in Hungarian history - History programme
Learn about one of the oldest families in Hungary and its role in history. During the programme, family trees, documents and an interactive exhibition will introduce participants to the lives of the great figures of history.
D) The Venetian Baroque in the Castle of Charles - through the works of Francesco Fontebasso - Art History Programme
Who wouldn't want to take a closer look at the two huge paintings in brilliant colours in one of the castle's exhibition rooms, which tell of noble deeds, generosity and self-sacrifice, depicting life-size characters? Children can playfully enter the world of these paintings, where they can also learn about Baroque gestures.
E) Coats of Arms and Family Trees - Coats of Arms of the Károlyi family and relatives - Historical programme
Coats of arms have played an important role in history, helping to "identify" a family and providing "information" about that family. Let's learn about the history of these coats of arms, in particular those of the Károlyi family and their relatives, and make our own family tree! In addition to the basics of heraldry, the programme will also answer questions such as what were the coats of arms used for and what does the coat of arms have to do with the logo?
F) How and what was a castle built of? - History programme
During the programme, we will explore the unique world of castle architecture, while we will go from cellar to attic, visiting all the revealing corners of the castle building in Bieszavárcsurgov, which will answer these questions. The adventure is rounded off with a quiz that brings together the interesting features of the rooms.
G) Books and libraries - tracing the treasure troves of history - cultural history programme
From the Library of Alexandria, the priceless collection of scrolls of the ancient world, to the Library of Congress in Washington, the world's largest book collection, to the intricate network of databases of the 21st century information superhighway... But what is behind the history of libraries? How and why were they created? And why are they still indispensable today? With the help of the Ferenc Fejtő and Szabolcs Vajay Library in the castle, we will discover the history-making role of books and libraries, with surprises for everyone.

Forest programme - for all ages

H) Treasures in the park of the Károlyi Castle - Botanical and Historical Programme

Who wouldn't love to take a refreshing walk in a beautiful park while learning about its history? The programme will answer the question of why the castles were surrounded by a huge park or why trees of all shapes and colours were planted side by side in a seeming jumble. After the walk, a special exhibition will help you discover the history of the castle and the park. This popular programme is a special children's version of the monthly "Botanical Walk" in the Castle Park.

Interactive children's activities in the stables - coming soon!

Duration of each programme: approx. 60 minutes

All museum educational programmes are free of charge for school groups!

Entrance fee for students: 1 500 HUF/person

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